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Vehicle Tracking Solutions

You have access to a range of Thatcham approved vehicle tracking products, including Smartrack, ScorpionTrack, and Meta trak.

Each of these brands offers tracking devices across different Thatcham levels, and you might wonder about the distinctions and which one suits your needs best.

The Thatcham Tracker categories that your insurance provider may refer to are 'S5' and 'S7'.

The S7 stands as the introductory Thatcham tracker category, specifically Thatcham S7 Security Certified TSC027. It comes with features such as:

  • A secure online fleet account for tracking your vehicle's real-time and historical locations.

  • Geofencing, allowing you to set virtual boundaries around specific locations.

  • Alerts for battery tampering and low battery levels.

  • A movement alert that notifies you if the vehicle is moved without the ignition being used, like in the case of towing.

On the other hand, the S5 represents the advanced Thatcham tracker category. It encompasses all the S7 features and adds driver detection cards or tags into the mix. With this addition, if your vehicle moves or the ignition is triggered without the driver card or tag in proximity, an automatic alert is sent to the tracking company, who then informs you. In practical terms, the S5 offers an early alert system, quickly drawing your attention to any unauthorized movement or ignition activity.

It's crucial to never leave your driver tag or card in the vehicle when not in use and to keep them separate from your vehicle keys.

The S5+ is identical to the S5, but it comes with an immobiliser that automatically deactivates when the driver detection card or tag is within range of the vehicle, often referred to as "no tag, no start." Despite this additional feature, the S5+ is still categorised as S5 by your insurance company.

So, what's the recommendation? Thatcham S5 is suggested as the choice because even if your current insurance company requests the lower S7 category this year, they may ask for the higher S5 category next year. Furthermore, you might switch to a different insurance company next year with different requirements. Additionally, the S5's early alert system enhances your vehicle's security.

For the ultimate protection package, consider combining an Autowatch Ghost immobiliser with an S5 tracker. When installed together, you can enjoy a package price and save £100.

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